About Us

What the First Presbyterian Church of Haverhill is all about
The First Presbyterian Church of Haverhill is an intimate spiritual fellowship that warmly welcomes all in committed Christian Service to the Lord, the community, and each other.

A Brief History
The First Presbyterian Church of Haverhill was founded in 1898 with 23 charter members. The church was originally housed on Summer Street. In 1982 the congregation mourned the loss of it's building. The church had weathered disasters before, including a severe fire in 1928, which caused major damage to the 1860 structure. Ultimately, it was this damage that caused the building to be found structurally unsafe and it was demolished.

Although the building came down, the church survived! The members moved their worship to the chapel of the Church of Christ in Bradford. The decision was made to search for property and to build a new church. Land was purchased at Broadway and Carleton Street. The new church was completed in 1986. We have an ideal location at exit 50 off I-495 and continue to grow both spiritually and in numbers.

"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for You." Matthew 17:20

What do we believe?
The Bible is at the center of what we believe. Jesus is the model for how God wants us to live on this Earth. The Holy Spirit is a force that motivates us and gives us direction. We put emphasis on how faith is being lived out on a day-to-day basis. We provide insight and leadership as to the importance of one's spiritual life. We feel it is important to understand our faith in relation to the world we live in.

Who makes up our church?
We are a congregation made up of singles, couples, families, single parents, and widowed and divorced persons. We have young families and senior citizens.
We are Presbyterians, but many of us have been Congregationalists, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, inactive church members and non-churched.

How do we function?
Presbyterians govern themselves in the same way our country is governed. The fact is that the United States took its form of government from the Presbyterians. Our congregation is led by an elected group of laypersons. Our pastor and lay people share together in ministry.

Who are we?
Our members have used these terms in describing our church and it's members:

Persistent                         Faithful                         Friendly                        Tenacious                   Diverse                              
Family                                Supportive                   Giving                            Resourceful               Determined
Caring for each other  

 We are a caring church. We reach out to people who are sick, grieving, hurting, facing a crisis, facing death, or experiencing particular joys, such as marriage, births, anniversaries, and promotions.


What do we do?

  • We worship together
  • We study together.  Children's Sunday School classes and an adult Bible/book study group meet weekly
  • We sing together. We have a small but enthusiastic choir!
  • We are active in the community through such things as Emmaus House, Community Meals and the Opens Hand Pantry.
  • We fellowship together. We have lots of opportunities for our members to come together.  These include such things as game night, movie night, potluck meals, spring and fall clean-up of the church grounds.
  • We sponsor a cub-scout pack at the church. They do many community activities and also help the church whenever possible. 
  • We offer self-help groups a place to meet. These include Al-Anon and TOPS.
  • We maintain a relationship with our sister church, Auld Memorial, in South Africa