Every Sunday Worship Service
    Fall through Spring the worship service starts at 10:30 AM  
          Summer worship hours begin at 9:30 AM.  
Join Us in Daily Prayer at 11:15 am or as close as you can. Wherever you are, what ever you're doing, take a brief moment to pray for:
† Our church, leaders, mission, and those on our prayer list.
† The work of the Holy Spirit in our midst
† To live as a people of faith.
Lenten Study  Book Study Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the library "Don't Just Give Up, Give More" Join Rob Heinze on a journey through Lent. Prepare to be surprised.

Lunch-To-Go!  3rd Sunday of the month

Pick up your homemade lunch-to-go following worship. Individually packaged, affordably priced and just the right size for a quick meal for lunch or freeze for another day. If you would like to bring a batch of soup, chili, lasagna, please see Dawn LaFond for more information.



If you would like to schedule any event at the church, please check the calendar online first, then contact Lynne Jeffries to see if the date is available, so it can be reserved on the calendar. With the large and well used space that we have, events need to be clearly coordinated. Therefore, only activities scheduled through Lynne will be the "official activities" of the church.
Lynne can be reached at 603-382-4134 or