Food Pantry items:

Basic staples, canned meat, meal kits, canned fruit and as always – toilet paper!  These items can be placed in the box in the narthex. Thank you!


Newsletter Editor

The FPC Newsletter is written by Pat McGranahan.  You can submit any info for the newsletter to her via email at


Goods and Services Donations

For those wishing to donate goods (such as: stamps, bleach, paper towels, copier paper) or services (painting, rug cleaning, etc), the Finance Committee can issue a Goods and Services Donation letter to you. This letter identifies your donation as tax-deductible for IRS purposes. We will need a receipt (a photocopy is ok), what the item(s) is/are (if not obvious from the receipt) and who to make the letter out to. You can either hand the re-ceipt to a member of the Finance Committee (Ann Locniskar, Lynne Jeffries or Keith Krebs) or put it in an envelope and place it in the offering plate or in the Treasurer's mailbox. This is a great way to help out the church with supplies needed!


FPC Cookbook:

If you would like to purchase an FPC Cookbook, please see Ruth Ann LeHane or Lynne Jeffries. Cookbooks are $10 each.


Wish List:  

8 1/2 x 14 ) legal size) paper, Multifold paper towels, Toilet paper (Scott or Angel Soft), Coffee (regular)
Thank you for your generosity!!

Some FPC Mission Projects:

Liz Murphy Open Hand Food Pantry

Is a federally-funded food pantry located at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Haverhill.  Our church was involved with its formation and has been involved every since.  Different items are requested each month, however, any non-perishable food item is welcome along with paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, etc..  Items are placed in the box in the narthex, then taken to the pantry at the UU church for distribution.


Military Care Packages

Periodically, FPC sends care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan.  When requested, appropriate items are collected and mailed out.  You can find a list of items here.


Carpet in the Narthex.

After lengthy discussion, exploration, and consideration that included a field trip, many phone calls and emails, the Carpet Committee selected and recommended to the Session and Trustees that a multi-hued, short napped, 30 year lifespan sectional carpet be laid. As you can tell by looking at the Narthex, this was approved. We hope you like it. Some points that were considered for this particular carpet:

  • 2’ x 2’ squares that can be easily replaced, rather than replace a whole section
  • Multi-colored, which can be enhanced in a number of ways
  • Darker colors will hide stains
  • Short nap is easy to clean
  • 30 year commercial grade to withstand heavy traffic for a long time

The rear entranceway is covered with sturdy linoleum, which is more appropriate for the way this area is used. The carpet cost just under $9000. This has been covered with our available funds, but there are many more projects in the future for our church, so your Session has approved a fundraiser to help replenish our coffers. If you want to help "sponsor" the new carpet, we are selling shares at $20 per square foot, or any portion thereof. If you are interested, please fill out a form available at church and place it and your contribution in an envelope and drop it in the collection plate on Sunday.  Or write the folowing information on a piece of paper and include it in an envelope in the offering. Name, amount, envelope # and How you would like your contribution listed: Under your name, In Memory of, In Honor of, or Anonymous.


FPC Building Scheduling Policy

If you would like to schedule any event at the church, please check the calendar online first, then contact Lynne Jeffries to see if the date is available, so it can be reserved on the calendar. With the large and well used space that we have, events need to be clearly coordinated. Therefore, only activities scheduled through Lynne will be the "official activities" of the church. Lynne can be reached at


Please stay tuned… Announcements will be updated here regularly.